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Welcome to The Ship Group Holdings!

We are a multinational conglomerate company, certified as a minority business enterprise!
Our mission is to strives to advance the lives of employees and equip them with transferable skills needed to provide unique products, services & customer experiences daily.


Two Brothers Vending Consultants

Launch Your Vending Venture: Turn dreams into reality with our expert Vending Machine Consultants. Empowering you to start and flourish in the vending industry with strategic guidance and proven business solutions.

Bail Connect Bonding

Swift Freedom Solutions: Your trusted Bail Bond Agency, dedicated to securing rapid release and reuniting loved ones. Providing reliable assistance and support during challenging times.

TSG Behavioral Health & Community Services

Your Path to Wellness: Join our Behavioral Health Agency for expert care, compassion, and growth. Explore tailored therapy and support for your mental well-being.


Our Home Care Agency is here to enhance lives through personalized support. Discover compassionate caregivers and tailored services for your loved ones' well-being and comfort.

The Ship Group Logistics

Efficient Freight Breakage Solutions: Navigating unexpected bumps in the supply chain. We specialize in minimizing losses and optimizing processes for seamless cargo delivery.

My Legal Team

Your Court Companion: Simplifying the Legal Journey. Our Legal Assistant App empowers everyday individuals to navigate the court process with ease. From forms to guidance, we're your trusted ally every step of the way.

TSG Connect

Connecting Lives, Anytime, Anywhere: Discover unparalleled communication and safety with our Life Line and Mobile Cell Phone Company. Stay connected and secure with our reliable services and cutting-edge devices.

Charlit 360

Capture Moments from Every Angle: Elevate your events with our 360 Photobooth experience. Unleash creativity and fun as we spin memories into immersive snapshots.

Black Therapy Network

Culturally-Centered Healing: Our therapy practice is a safe haven for African Americans, providing tailored support for mental well-being. Embrace healing through a lens that understands and respects your unique experiences.

Vibez Variety Store

Your One-Stop Belize Variety Store: Discover unbeatable discounts on household essentials, stylish urban clothing, and cutting-edge cell phones. Elevate your lifestyle with quality and affordability, all under one roof.

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